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Introduction to Spring 5, Spring Boot and Spring REST

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Introduction to Spring 5, Spring Boot and Spring REST

Duration: 5 Days (Face-to-Face or Remote-Live), or 35 hours of coursework with personal facilitation over a four week span (On-Demand)

US Price: $2495 (Face-to-Face or Remote-Live), or $1495 (On-Demand)

Delivery Options: Attend face-to-face in the classroom, remote-live or via on-demand training

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Spring 5 provides an evolutionary advance of Spring's powerful capabilities. This course introduces the many Spring Core capabilities, as well as providing guidelines on when and how to use them. It also goes into considerable depth on Spring Boot for dependency management and auto-configuration, as well as Spring REST for creating RESTful resources.

This course has been completely revised to utilize Spring Boot's easy configuration and auto-configuration wherever possible. "Classic" Spring configuration (usually more verbose and complicated) is optionally covered in abbreviated form.

The course starts with in-depth coverage of Spring's Core module to reduce coupling and increase the flexibility, ease of maintenance, and testing of your applications. It goes on to cover many of the most important capabilities of Spring, including easing configuration with Spring Boot, integrating JPA persistence layers with Spring and Spring Data, and using Spring's declarative transaction capabilities.

The course includes a solid introduction to Spring REST, and coverage of building RESTful resources. It also covers many of the details of Spring Boot, including how to create Boot-based POMs (maven) for simplified dependency management, customizing Boot behavior, and understanding/managing Boot's auto-configuration.

This course is hands on with labs to reinforce all the important concepts, and will enable you to build working Spring applications with Java.

Students desiring coverage of Spring MVC rather than Spring Boot may instead be interested in attending the Introduction to Spring 5, Spring MVC and Spring REST course.


Java SE programming experience and an understanding of object-oriented design principles. Fundamental knowledge of XML is helpful but not required. The Java Programming course or equivalent knowledge provides a solid foundation.

Course Overview

Introduction to Spring
  • Overview of Spring Technology
    • Motivation for Spring, Spring Architecture
    • The Spring Framework
    • maven and Spring
  • Spring Introduction
    • Declaring and Managing Beans
    • ApplicationContexts - The Spring Container
    • XML and @Component/@Named Config
  • Dependencies and Dependency Injection (DI)
    • Examining Dependencies
    • Dependency Inversion / Dependency Injection (DI)
    • DI in Spring - XML and @Autowired
  • Spring Boot Quickstart
Configuration in Depth
  • Java Based Configuration (@Configuration)
    • Overview, @Configuration, @Bean
    • Dependency Injection
    • Resolving Dependencies
  • Integrating Configuration Types
    • XML and @Component Pros/Cons
    • @Configuration Pros/Cons
    • Choosing a Configuration Style
    • Integrating with @Import and <import>
  • Bean Scope and Lifecycle
    • Singleton, Prototype, and Other Scopes
    • Configuring Scope
    • Bean Lifecycle / Callbacks
Spring Boot Overview
  • Spring Boot Overview
  • Spring POMs with Boot Parents
  • Spring Boot Starters
  • SpringApplication – Apps With main()
  • CommandLineRunner and ApplicationRunner
  • Working with Properties
    • Boot Property Files
    • Using Application Properties
    • Customizing Behavior with Boot Properties
Spring Testing
  • Testing and JUnit 5 Overview
    • Writing Tests - Test Classes, asserts, Naming Conventions
    • Running Tests - IDE, maven, ...
    • Test Fixtures - setup and teardown
  • Spring TestContext Framework
    • Overview
    • Configuration
    • Running Tests
Database Access with Spring/Boot
  • Overview of Spring/Boot database support
    • DataSources, Boot Auto-Configuration, and Custom Configuration
    • Boot - Embedded Database
  • Using Spring/Boot with JPA
    • Spring Boot Auto-Configuration and Scanning
    • Customizing the Configuration
    • Creating a JPA Repository/DAO Bean - @PersistenceUnit, @PersistenceContext
  • Spring Data Overview
    • Overview and Architecture
    • Configuring Spring Data
    • Repositories and JPA Repositories
    • Using CrudRepository
  • Using Spring Data
    • Naming Conventions for Querying
    • Creating more Complex Queries
    • Query Configuration
  • [Optional] Configuration Without Boot
    • Managing the EntityManager (EM)
    • LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean and Container-managed EMs
    • JEE and JNDI Lookup of the EM
    • Configuration and Vendor Adaptors
Spring Transaction (TX) Management
  • Overview
  • Declarative TX Management (REQUIRED, etc.)
  • TX Scope and Propagation
  • Configuration and Boot Auto-Configuration
  • Pointcut-Based Configuration of Transactions
RESTful Services with Spring
  • REST Overview and Principles
  • DispatcherServlet - Boot Auto-Config and Customization
  • Requests and Responses - GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
  • Spring's REST API
    • Spring support for REST
    • @RequestMapping/@PathVariable, @RequestBody, @ResponseBody
    • URI Templates and @PathVariable
    • Controllers with @RestController
  • Ajax Overview
Working with JSON and XML
  • Generating JSON
    • JSON Overview
    • JSON Representations for Resources
    • Message Converters
  • [Optional] Generating XML
    • JAXB and Jackson Message Converters for XML
    • JAXB / @XmlRootElement
  • Content Negotiation
Java Clients for RESTful Services
  • Client Requirements and Spring's RestTemplate
  • getForObject() / getForEntity()
  • Other RestTemplate Methods
  • Accessing Headers / exchange()
Common REST Patterns
  • GET: Read
  • POST: Create
  • PUT: Update
  • DELETE: Delete
  • Programming on server side and client side (with RestTemplate)
Boot Configuration and Customization
  • Logging and its Configuration
  • Profiles
  • Other Configuration
Spring Boot Web/Security
  • Spring Boot Web
  • Boot's Embedded Servers
  • Classic Spring MVC Configuration
  • Spring Boot Security
  • Spring Boot Data REST
Additional Spring/Boot Features
  • Updates to Spring Core
  • WebFlux / Reactive Web Framework
  • Boot Actuator

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