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Remote Attendance Testimonials

Remote Attendance Testimonials

Below are examples of the kind of student reviews we receive regularly at SST for our remote attendance option.

Best experience I've ever had taking a course remotely. I appreciate the advanced time the Remote Training Manager took to make sure I was comfortable with the functions and that the instructor took getting the presets on the camera aligned so I could clearly see the board.
J.S., Charles County Government

The class was well taught. Lab's helped in further understanding the course contents. The hands on is really a plus.
C.P., Farmers Electric Coop

The course was a great introduction to JavaScript and I can see where this will definitely help me in my next project.
M.M., Universal City Studios

Surprised by how good the remote attendance experience was. Felt like I got the full benefit of the course without the difficulty of travel.
T.O., Millennium Engineering & Integration Co.

I found the structure of the course to be very informative and would definitely recommend SST to others. Great instructor that clearly knows what he was teaching. Even though I took this course remotely, I felt like I was right there in the classroom. Being a hands on learner I found the labs to be very helpful in the learning process. Great class! I look forward to coming back and taking another class soon!
K.L., Eileen Fisher

I felt that the class was excellent and covered everything thoroughly. The instructor was excellent both in his rapport with the class, but also with his knowledge of the material. He took the time to ensure that each and every student understood the material prior to moving on and was more than happy to spend time explaining any concepts that may have been confusing any of the students. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking C# training.
G.K., Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

I greatly enjoyed this course! This was the best training course I’ve taken for the past few years. I liked and it was beneficial for me that this course was connected to the actual classroom. I was a remote student, but it felt like I was in the classroom and this helped me to be connected and more efficient. I appreciate that actual hardcopy study materials (books, labs...) were sent to me! I will definitely recommend your company to others who are interested in taking professional courses. Thanks a lot for the great job!
A.V., ERIN Engineering and Research

This is my first experience with taking an SST class remotely. We had quite a few people attending remotely. For me, being able to attend remotely was extremely helpful, especially since this class was offered so closely to the holidays. Personally, I think I was able to get more out of the class by attending remotely. I was able to continue to work on lab exercises as needed. All questions were answered. I appreciate the instructor being able to remote into the computer and help where needed.

The instructor has lots of knowledge and experience in this field. This was apparent in the clever way she was able to relate or model her examples to real life. I was engaged throughout.
J.M., Raymarine UK Limited

The SQL 2014 Administration class was excellent. Awesome teacher. He explained complex material in a clear and concise manner. I appreciated his ability to walk the class through the topics with exactly the right mixture of words and demonstration.  He always answered my questions clearly and completely.  He is an exceptional instructor. I feel very lucky that I was able to attend the course this week. Thank you again for an amazing class!  Well worth my time and money!