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On-Demand Training Testimonials

On-Demand Training Testimonials

Below are examples of the kind of student reviews we receive regularly at SST for our on-demand option.

This is my first on-demand style training. I always considered the classroom as a better environment for me to learn, but this on-demand experience has definitely changed my thinking with online training. Having the ability to view lectures and work on assignments at my own pace is a huge advantage for me to spend as much time as I need to really absorb new skills. The instructor in the videos gave some really good examples relating abstract content to real tangible ideas. Utilities to view content worked great, and tools to complete the assignments worked as expected. Support from the vendor's staff were easy to work with and always responded quickly. If and when my employer approves more training, this vendor will be my first choice.
– J.G.

I appreciate the On Demand option. The instructor was always available to help me with any questions I might have. Also, the support from the technical team for setting up the training and the lab equipment was excellent.
– C.S.

I really like the on demand course delivery option that I have chosen. It allowed me to work at my own pace. I was reading the course material first, then watching videos, and then finally working on hands-on exercises. I also like the option of connecting to the lab computer and not having to worry about the environment setup. The course coordinator and instructor were very helpful and very responsive to my questions.
– R.P.

I am new to programming in general and SQL Programming. I really appreciate how well the instructor followed up with me and answered my detailed list of questions and made sure the SQL scripts ran correctly so my data results in class were accurate. The videos effectively break down the course materials. I was challenged and always interested.
– J.O.

I enjoyed the course. The videos were informative and easy to follow. Manuals and other supporting aids were comprehensive and easy to follow. Will be a good reference guide in the future.
– J.H.

The instructor in the video was very thorough and clearly explained the material. I enjoyed taking this course and also enjoyed the flexibility of taking it via video at my own pace.
– S.E.

Personally, I liked being able to take the course in a virtual setting. I was able to stop the course at any time and take care of work duties. I like the examples coded out and provided for me on disk. I was able to immediately play around with the examples. By experimenting with the sessions I was able to learn more quickly.
– C.S.

Thanks for the training, I learned a lot and will be using it in my current job in the future. I liked the on demand approach. I was able to replay portions of the course and also spend more time on the labs. Thanks so much!
– J.D.