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Student Reviews

Student Reviews

Below are examples of the kind of student reviews we receive regularly at SST.

SST hires excellent staff from administration to instructors who offer superior personal attention. Both classes I've attended have exceeded my expectations from the course material to the explanation of the labs and the help I received.
– D.B.,Comcast

Amazing instructor. Knew the material very well and his class was very informative. I hope to have additional training with instructors as knowledgeable as him.
– C.K., Central Insurance School

The instructor was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Overall class experience was excellent. The remote class option was great!
– K.D., CSL Behring

I have taken other online courses through different organizations. I think that you have really nailed the recipe for success with your combination of instructor and course materials. Also the prep process for the student setup you have designed with your technical department is very professional and contributes to the success for all.
– J.M., Pathfinder

I am impressed with the remote attendance system. I took the original course in-person and did the retake remotely. The instructor was very attentive to questions I had. I would probably elect to take another course this way and save on travel time and expense.
– T.L., Ohio University

I thought the class was great. I didn't have a lot of SQL knowledge, but after taking this class I now have a much better understanding of SQL concepts. I will recommend this clss to anyone who wants to improve their SQL knowledge.
– E.A., Safety Insurance

Outstanding instructor. He has excellent teaching skills and I highly recommend him for any technical course. Also, I have never seen such complete materials and the equipment shipped out exceeded my expectations down to the packing tape with which to ship it back.
– S.H., Leidos Innovations Corp

The training experience was very useful. The instructor made every attempt to answer questions and provide assistance when needed.
– S.H., Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

I was impressed by the extent of the detail covered in the training exercise. The infrastructure was awesome as well specially for the remote access.
– S.P., UCLA Health

As a beginner to programming and SQL, the instructor and course curriculum was well organized and extremely thorough. The instructor was engaging and helpful. I look forward to attending additional courses and will highly recommend to peers.
– S.P., Buckeye Energy Services