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Frequently Asked Questions


What delivery options do you offer?

Courses can be taken face-to-face, remote-live, on-demand or on-site at your facility.

What course materials are included?

Course materials include student guide, hands-on lab manual and USB flash drive for examples and lab work.

Do I receive a certificate after completing the training?

Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of class.

Can I retake a course?

Students can retake any portion of a live class that has been completed, within 12 months at no extra cost.

Do I need to bring a laptop to class?

Computers are provided for in-class use. Students are welcome to bring their own laptops as well.

What times are the classes?

Face-to-face and remote-live courses typically run Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm.

What is the location of the classroom?

Locations in each city may vary over time as we attempt to select locations that provide the greatest mutual convenience for registrants. If you need a specific address for a purchase order or any other reason, feel free to call us.

What are the qualifications of your instructors?

All of our instructors are experienced professionals; none has been teaching for less than a couple of years, and most have been teaching for many years. The average technical experience of our instructor staff is over ten years. Most of them have experience not only as technical instructors but as hands-on practitioners, so they have real-world experience to go with their training experience.

Accommodation for disabilities

SST is pleased to provide reasonable accommodations for course attendees with disabilities, in compliance with applicable local and federal laws. In particular, when an assisting person is required, additional seating and digital materiel is provided as necessary. Specific individual accommodations are discussed on a case by case basis with the attendee and/or attendee’s employer. Accommodations should be requested as early as possible prior to attendance in order to allow planning for effective accommodations.

What is your refund policy?

Students may withdraw before the second day of class to receive a 100% refund, provided course materials are returned to the instructor. Prorated refunds may be granted for withdrawals after the first day.

What if I need to cancel my class, reschedule or make a change to a participant?

You can cancel or reschedule at anytime. There are no registration fees or cancellation fees.

What types of payment do you accept?

Payment is not required at time of registration. However, payment is due in full prior to the start date of the class. Your invoice will be e-mailed directly to you shortly after receipt of your registration.

We accept payment via company check, electronic funds transfer (EFT) or corporate credit card. If you would like to pay via EFT or corporate credit card, please call 978-250-4983 after you receive an e-mail acknowledging your registration. Checks should be mailed to:

Software Skills Training, Inc.
6 Hemlock Drive
Chelmsford, MA 01824