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Software Skills Training, Inc.

Your Personal Instructor/Facilitator

Personal Facilitation by Experienced Instructors

Whether you're taking training face-to-face, remote-live, or via on-demand streaming, each course includes comprehensive hands-on exercises and an instructor/facilitator who is responsible for your success. On average, our instructors have over 10 years of industrial programming and training experience.

Personal facilitation is the only real way to assure that questions, problems, and roadblocks are handled effectively and timely. This is particularly important with on-demand streaming, where your assigned instructor/facilitator will both monitor your progress and handle questions and issues that arise, assuring successful course completion. In our live training offerings, class sizes are kept small so that each student has time to ask questions and receive lab help from the instructor. No other company offers more personalized mentoring during training than Software Skills Training, Inc.

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