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Apache Cordova Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

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Apache Cordova Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

Duration: 3 Days

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Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) is an open-source is a mobile application development framework. It utilizes HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create apps for a variety of mobile platforms. Students will learn how to build applications using jQuery Mobile and Apache Cordova that run on a variety of mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency.


Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript equivalent to attending the Website Development with HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap and JavaScript Programming courses.

Course Overview

The Mobile Landscape
  • Devices Types
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
  • Device Convergence
  • Platform Comparison
  • Three Types of Mobile Applications
    • Native Mobile Applications
    • Mobile Web Applications
    • Hybrid Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) Overview
  • Building with Cordova
Technology Stack
  • HTML5 Main Objectives
  • Browser-Side Data Storage
  • Declaring HTML5
  • Detecting Support for HTML5
  • The Document Object Model
  • CSS Overview
  • Class and ID Attribute Selectors
  • Working with JavaScript
  • Detecting a Feature with JavaScript
  • Using JavaScript Libraries
  • jQuery Mobile Tooling Support

jQuery Overview

  • What Is jQuery?
  • Benefits of Using a JavaScript Library
  • How to Use jQuery
  • DOM Ready Events
  • The jQuery Function Object
  • The jQuery Wrapper
  • The jQuery Wrapper as an Array-Like Object
  • innerHTML vs. html()
  • jQuery Wrapper Chaining
  • API Function Notation
  • Handling DOM Ready Events


  • Background: The Sizzle Selector Engine
  • Selecting Elements by Attribute
  • Pseudo-Selectors
  • Selecting Elements Using Relationships
  • Selecting Elements Using Filters
  • Chaining Using end()
  • Testing Elements
  • Iterating Through Selected Elements Using each()
  • JavaScript Methods
  • JavaScript "this"
  • Function Context
  • The Function call() Method
Style Class Manipulation
  • Specifying Style Properties
  • Setting Style Properties
  • Using addClass() and removeClass()
  • Defining a Stylesheet
  • Setting and Getting Dimensions
  • Attributes
DOM Manipulation
  • The $ Function Revisited
  • Getters and Setters
  • The text() Element Method
  • Appending DOM Elements
  • Removing DOM Elements
  • DOM Performance
Introduction to Ajax
  • What is Ajax?
  • Creating the XMLHttpRequest Object
  • The XMLHttpRequest Object Basics
  • The Browser and the Server
  • Ajax Requests and Responses
  • Sending an Ajax Request With jQuery
  • Data Types
  • The data() Method
  • Using serialize()
  • Get vs. Post
  • ajaxStart() and ajaxError()
  • JSONP - JSON with Padding
  • Same-Origin Policy
  • The <script> Tag
  • Best Practices
The jQuery Mobile Toolkit
  • Overview of jQuery Mobile
  • Downloading and Using jQuery Mobile
  • The Anatomy of a Page
  • Page Segments
  • Theming
  • Creating a List View
  • Decorating List View Rows
  • Implementing Master Detail Navigation Patterns
  • Create a Tabbed View
jQuery Mobile Lists
  • Overview of jQuery Mobile Lists
  • Inset Lists
  • Adding Links
  • Numbered Lists
  • Count Bubbles
  • Formatting List Items
  • Formatted List Source
  • Filters
  • Filtered List Source
jQuery Mobile Buttons
  • jQuery Mobile Buttons
  • Creating Buttons
  • Button Appearance
  • Enabling and Disabling
  • Button Groups
  • Horizontal Button Groups
  • Inline Buttons
  • Highlighting Preferred Choice
  • Icons
  • Alternate Icon Display
jQuery Mobile Forms
  • jQuery Mobile Forms
  • Form Enhancements
    • Labels
    • Placeholders
  • Client-Side Validation
  • The required Attribute
  • Patterns
  • Widgets
  • Input Types
    • Color
    • Date
    • Range
    • Select
    • Checkboxes
    • Horizontal Checkboxes
    • Radio Buttons
  • Datalists
  • Submitting Forms
jQuery Mobile Themes
  • Overview of the jQuery Mobile Theming System
  • Working with Themes
  • Theme Examples
  • Using ThemeRoller
    • Global Theme Settings
    • Downloading Themes
  • Contents of the Theme Zip File
  • Theme Images
  • Editing Your Themes
  • Custom Transitions in jQuery Mobile
  • Custom Transitions Using CSS
  • Overview of the Geolocation API
  • Functions and Options
    • Success Function
    • Error Function
  • Using the watchPosition() Method
Apache Cordova (PhoneGap)
  • Introduction to Apache Cordova
  • The Cordova Model
    • Usage
    • API
    • Features
  • App Stores
  • Packaging Cordova Apps
  • Adobe PhoneGap Build
Device and Contacts Information APIs
  • Cordova Device Info Object
  • Device Info Permissions
  • The cordova and uuid Properties
  • The platform and version Properties
  • The name Property
  • Contacts Database API
  • Contacts Database Helper Objects
  • Supported Platforms
  • Contacts API Permissions
  • Contact Properties
  • Creating a New Contact
  • Saving a Contact
  • Deleting (Removing) a Contact
  • Finding Contact(s)
The Cordova File API
  • Accessing the Mobile File System with Cordova
  • File API Permissions
  • The Cordova File API
  • Accessing the Device File System
  • The requestFileSystem() Method
  • The File Object
  • The FileEntry Object
  • The DirectoryEntry Object
  • The DirectoryReader Object
  • The FileError Object
  • Writing Files with the FileWriter Object
  • Reading Files with the FileReader Object
The Accelerometer
  • Overview of the Accelerometer
  • Supported Platforms
  • Accelerometer Precision
  • Accelerometer Detection
  • Accelerometer Permissions
  • The Accelerometer API
  • The Acceleration Object
  • The getCurrentAcceleration() Method
  • The watchAcceleration() Method
  • The accelerometerSuccess Call-Back Function
  • The clearWatch() Method
  • Device Shake Tracking Application Code
The Camera
  • Accessing the Camera with Cordova
  • Camera Permissions
  • The Cordova Camera API
  • The Camera Object
  • The getPicture() Method
  • The cameraSuccess Call-Back Function
  • The cameraError Call-Back Function
  • Camera Options
  • The cleanup() Method
Best Practices
  • jQuery Mobile Benefits
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Common UI Guidelines
  • Platform-Specific UI Guidelines
  • Cordova Business Layer Initialization
  • Business Layer Best Practices
  • Cordova Domain Whitelist Guide
  • Background Tasks
  • Cordova Background Task API

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