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Advanced JBoss Administration Course

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Advanced JBoss® 7/EAP 6 Server Administration

Duration: 4 Days

US Price: $2,095

UK Price: £1,695 *Prices are subject to VAT

CA Price: CDN$1,975 *Prices are subject to GST/HST

Description: This course covers advanced topics in administering the JBoss family of application servers. It provides administrators who already have some experience in working with JBoss servers the information they need to successfully manage them in production environments.

The course starts with a quick refresher on server structure, architecture, and usage. It then moves on to covering the management tools in depth, with special focus on the CLI - its management structure, how to use it, and how to write scripts for it. It includes coverage of managing the HornetQ messaging subsystem, RBAC (Role Based Access Control), and in-depth coverage of clustering that includes usage and configuration of Infinispan for caching in a cluster. It also includes in-depth coverage of creating and managing domains, as well as an introduction to the open-source RHQ management platform that forms the basis for JON (JBoss Operations Network).

The course is hands-on, with labs for every important topic covered. It provides a wealth of hard-to-find information on managing JBoss servers, and is created by experts in the JBoss family of servers. It is written to JBoss EAP 6.2, but is suitable for audiences using the community releases also (JBoss AS 7.1.1)

Prerequisites: Completion of Administering the JBoss 7/EAP 6 Application Server course or equivalent knowledge.

Course Overview:

JBoss Server Overview
  • JBoss Server Family - JBoss AS, EAP, WildFly
  • Server Structure and Layout
  • Starting/Stopping
Architecture Review
  • Modular Classloading / JBoss Modules, Application Dependencies
  • Profiles and Subsystems
  • Exploring the XML Config Schema Files
Management Tools
  • CLI Overview/Review, Management Tree Structure, Addressing, Operations
  • CLI Command Files and Scripting
  • Using Properties in Command Files
  • Exploring the Management Model
  • Management (Web) Console Review
Application Deployment
  • CLI Deployment
  • Auto Deployment Review and Management with the CLI
  • Deployment Classloading
  • Classloading Precedence - Implicit, Automatic, Explicit
  • Controlling Classloading - jboss-deployment-structure.xml
  • HornetQ Overview and Configuration
  • Configuring Destinations
  • Configuration of Address Setting (for Dead Letter, Redelivery, and Security
  • Paging Configuration and Producer Flow Control
  • Management via the CLI
  • Security Review - Security Realms and Security Domains
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Encryption Overview
  • Masking Sensitive Strings Using the Vault
Clustering and Replication with Infinispan
  • Clustering Review / Setting up a Cluster
  • Infinispan and Replication Overview
  • Infinispan Subsystem Configuration
  • Customizing Replication
  • Infinispan and JPA
Configuring and Managing Domains
  • Domain Mode Review - Structure and Configuration
  • Managing Controllers and Servers (Console and CLI)
  • Managing Deployments
  • Advanced Topics
    • Operating a Domain without a DC
    • Handling Controller Restarts after Config Changes
    • Running Controllers in ADMIN_ONLY Mode
RHQ Management Console
  • Overview of RHQ - Structure, Server, Agents
  • Acquiring and Installing RHQ and its Associated Database (Postgres)
  • Working with Inventory - Auto-Discovery, Importing, Viewing Details
  • Monitoring Inventory with RHQ
  • Administering RHQ

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