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Adobe Muse

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Adobe Muse

Duration: 4 Days

US Price: $1895

Delivery Option: Courses are delivered via online live remote attendance option 8:00 am - 4:00 pm PST. Students receive digital course materials prior to the start of the course.

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Adobe Muse is a website building program that simplifies the development process by not requiring users to have coding skills to get professional results. This immersive hands-on course also includes instruction on on how to incorporate Adobe Illustrator to create a Site Map as well as lab exercises for doing mock-ups of the web page layouts. The course also explains how to use Adobe Photoshop to automate the process of resizing images for the web. Once all the assets are ready and satisfactorily designed, attendees can use Adobe Muse to create an entire website with a sound structure and deploy it either through Adobe's Business Catalyst Service or on other hosting services.

Course taught by an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE).

If you don't own the software, a free 30-day trial can be downloaded here.


Basic knowledge of a Mac or PC computer, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Course Overview

Introduction to Adobe Muse

  • Introducing Adobe Muse
  • Responsive Web Design in Muse
  • An Example Muse Web Workflow
  • Web Design vs. Print Design
  • Touring the Workspace
  • Understanding Modes

Planning Your Site - Adobe Illustrator

  • File Setup
  • Site Map Layout
  • Creating a Website Color Scheme and Pattern Tile
  • Home Page Mock-up
  • Image Pages Mock-up


Creating a Site

  • Creating a New Site
  • Editing the Site Map in Plan Mode

Working with Master pages

  • Working with Master Pages
  • Using Layers
  • Adding a Navigation Menu
  • Testing your Pages

Using Text

  • Adding Text
  • Formatting Text
  • Creating Type Styles

Working with Graphics

  • Web Image Basics
  • Working with Images
  • Transforming Images
  • Aligning Content
  • Understanding the Assets Panel
  • Editing Image Properties

Responsive Web Design

  • Design Methods in Muse
  • Responsive Web Design in Muse
  • Laying out Content

Shapes, Colors and Effects

  • Working with Shapes
  • Working with Color
  • Applying a Background Image to a Frame
  • Working with Rounded Corners, Opacity, and Effects

Preparing Images for the Web - Adobe Bridge / Photoshop

  • Organizing Content Using the Bridge
  • Re-sizing Images Using Photoshop
  • Automating Resizing of Images Using Photoshop
  • Processing Images with Batch Actions Using the Bridge and Photoshop

Adding Links, Buttons and Graphic Styles

  • Working with Links
  • Working with Buttons
  • Working with Anchors
  • Pinning Content
  • Working with Graphic Styles

Working with Widgets

  • About Widgets
  • Understanding Button Widgets
  • Working with Composition Widgets
  • Adding a Form
  • Adding Social Widgets
  • Working with Slideshows

HTML, Libraries, and Widgets

  • Embedding HTML
  • Working with Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Working with the Library Panel

Publishing and Exporting a Website

  • Understanding Adobe Muse Publishing
  • Publishing a Site
  • Uploading a Site to a Third-party Host
  • Exporting a Site as HTML
  • Collecting Assets

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