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Adobe Captivate

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Adobe Captivate

Duration: 4 Days

US Price: $1995

Delivery Option: Courses are delivered via online live remote attendance option 8:00 am - 4:00 pm PST. Students receive digital course materials prior to the start of the course.

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During this hands-on Adobe Captivate course, attendees will learn the step-by-step proven methods top Instructional Designers use to create engaging online classes for their clients. The course covers all the tools needed to develop and build interactive eLearning courses and software demonstrations. Some of the highlights of this immersive training are: how to create Captivate projects using objects such as hotspots, interactive elements, video, buttons, voice narrations and audio. In addition to mastering the key concepts of eLearning, you'll also be introduced to the best practices for creating and publishing Captivate projects in professional development workflows. This course is a must-have in your skills tool-belt if you are pursuing an exciting and innovative career in Instructional Design or its supportive disciplines and services.

Course taught by an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE).

If you don't own the software, a free 30-day trial can be downloaded here.


Basic knowledge of a Mac or PC computer.

Course Overview

Interface Overview
  • Navigating the Menus
  • Side Tool Bar
  • Top Tool Bar
  • Film Strip
  • Timeline
  • Master Slides
  • Properties
  • Library
  • Quiz Properties
  • Project Info
Setting Up the Project
  • Creating the Master Slide
  • Choosing Quality and Resolution
  • Image Sizes
  • The Skin Editor
Mastering the Timeline
  • Locking and Unlocking Items
  • Using the Eyeball Function
  • Recording Slides
Creating Slides
  • Text, Images and Videos
  • Arranging Objects on a Slide
  • Aligning Objects
  • Snapping to Objects
  • Image Editing
  • Crop and Renaming Images
  • Timing, Transitions & Transform
  • Positing Objects on Slides
  • Adding Widgets
  • Reordering Slides
  • Editing Images
  • Adding Web Links
Working with Images
  • Resizing and Restoring Images
  • Cropping and Renaming an image
  • Removing Background Color
  • Inserting a Cloud Callout
  • Creating an Image Mask
Pointers, Paths, Boxes and Buttons
  • Controlling Mouse Effects
  • Editing a Mouse Path
  • Inserting a Highlight Box
  • Inserting an Image Button
Rollovers and Zooms
  • Inserting a Rollover Caption
  • Inserting a Rollover Image
  • Inserting a Rollover Slidelet
  • Inserting a Zoom Area
  • Name Objects
  • Creating a Mask
  • Controlling Object Visibility
  • Creating a Simple Action
  • Attaching an Action to a Button
  • Group Timeline Objects
  • Creating a Variable
  • Creating a Conditional Action
Animations and Effects
  • Using Animation to Enhance your Slides
  • Text Animation
  • Modifying Effects Properties
  • Creating Zoom Areas
  • Interactions
  • Animation Effects
  • Adding Drop Shadows and Gradients
  • Adding Visual Clicks and Sounds
Working with Video
  • Recording a Video Demo
  • Adding a Video Zoom
  • Adding a Video Pan
  • Splitting a Video
  • Trimming a Video
Using Audio
  • Recording Audio
  • Calibrating a Microphone
  • Importing Audio
  • Inserting Silence
  • Editing Audio
  • Creating Loop Audio
  • Removing Audio
  • Creating Closed Captions
  • Background Audio
  • Inserting Silence
  • Converting Text-to-Speech
Previewing and Recording
  • Previewing Your Project
  • Using Automatic Recording Mode
  • Playing Your Project
  • Check Captivate’s Recording
  • Rehearsing a Script
Understanding Slide Actions
  • On Start
  • On Exit
  • How to Manage the Library
  • Finding Items
  • Deleting Unused Items
Saving, Publishing & Uploading
  • Saving to Disk
  • Sharing Files
  • Uploading to YouTube
  • Publishing
The Publishing Window
  • Publishing to .swf, HTML5, Video, Adobe Connect, Media, E-mail, ftp, Print
  • Publishing a pdf
  • Publishing Settings
  • Windows or Mac Executable
  • Importing and Exporting
Importing from PowerPoint
  • Transferring PowerPoint Presentations to Keynote
Building a Presentation Movie
  • Exporting to QuickTime as a Single Movie
Creating Quizzes and Questions
  • Testing Strategies
  • Quiz Preferences
  • Quiz Properties
  • Question Slides
  • Incorporating Interactions into Quizzes
  • Question Pool Manager
  • Adding and Deleting Questions
  • Editing Captions and Buttons
  • Creating Random Questions
  • Formatting the Quiz Results Page
  • Mobile Delivery and Quizzes

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