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Adobe Acrobat

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Adobe Acrobat

Duration: 3 Days

US Price: $1395

Delivery Option: Courses are delivered via online live remote attendance option 8:00 am - 4:00 pm PST. Students receive digital course materials prior to the start of the course.

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In this course, attendees will learn how to convert documents into Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) using Adobe Acrobat. All of the fundamentals of Acrobat's cross-platform capabilities to distribute documents efficiently without sacrificing the original design will be fully addressed. You will gain a thorough proficiency in using notes, incorporating text, graphics, movies, creating design forms, as well as learning the functions to link them flawlessly to the Internet. This course is focused on providing a high competence level of understanding of the menu and tools in Acrobat and to be able to use this ubiquitous software with confidence and precision.

Course taught by an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE).

If you don't own the software, a free 30-day trial can be downloaded here.


Basic knowledge of a Mac or PC computer.

Course Overview

Navigating the Work Area and Arranging Panels
  • User Interface
  • Overview of Menu Bar and Toolbars
  • Navigation Tools
  • Pane and Task Panes
  • Customizing Tools
  • Viewing Documents
  • Setting Preferences
Creating PDFs
  • PDFs with Navigation and Security from MS Office
  • PDF Creation within Acrobat
  • Inserting and Reordering Pages
  • Adding Bookmarks
  • Assembling Documents Automatically and Numbering Pages
  • Capturing Web Pages
  • Using Clipboard Images
  • Creating PDF Portfolios
Editing and Repurposing PDF Files
  • Touching up Text and Images in PDF Documents
  • Using Text in Word Processing or Layout Applications
  • Exporting Spreadsheet Information to Excel
  • Extracting Images to Use in Other Applications
  • Inserting and Editing PDF Pages
Document Security
  • Adding and Removing Security
  • Using eEnvelopes
  • Redacting Text - Removing Sensitive Information
  • Adding Digital Signatures
  • Sending Documents for Others to Sign
  • Modifying Signed Documents
  • Certifying PDF Documents
Using Actions
  • Automating Tasks in Acrobat
Optimizing Files
  • Reducing File Size of PDF Documents
  • Using the PDF Optimizer
Enhancing PDF Documents
  • Examining the Work File
  • Moving Pages with Page Thumbnails
  • Manipulating Pages
  • Renumbering Pages
  • Managing Links
  • Working with Bookmarks
  • Setting Document Properties and Metadata
Attaching Files
  • Document-Level Attachments
  • Page-level Attachments
  • Using Pre-Defined Actions
  • Sharing Actions
Collaboration and Review
  • Setting up an E-mail Based or Shared Review
  • Using the Commenting Tools
  • Creating Custom Stamps
  • Exporting, Importing and Filtering Comments
  • Summarizing Comments
  • Comparing Documents
Searching PDFs
  • Finding Words
  • Advanced Search Options
Manipulating PDFs
  • Cropping Pages
  • Sectioning Documents
  • Adding Document Links
  • Adding Hyperlinks
  • Adding Multimedia Files
  • Searching and Creating Searchable PDFs 
  • OCR Text from Scanned Documents
  • Adding Watermarks
Creating Interactive PDF Forms
  • Creating Text Fields, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Signature Fields,
  • List Boxes and Buttons
  • Formatting Form Fields
  • Creating Calculating Fields
  • Using Hidden Fields
  • Applying Actions
  • Using JavaScript
  • Replicating Forms
  • Enabling Forms for Adobe Reader Users
Using Acrobat in Professional Printing
  • Creating PDF Files for Print and Prepress
  • Guidelines for Creating Print-ready PDF Files
  • Preflighting Files
  • Working with Transparency
  • PDF Standards
  • Flattening Options in the Flattener Preview Dialog Box
  • Setting up Color Management
  • Previewing the Print Job
  • Advanced Printing Controls

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